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Abused Childhood and How It Can Destroy Your Adult Life

Family violence and child abuse are on the increase, due to the lockdown. The consequences of these issues are well known – depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder. Mental problems cause people to waste their potential and talents, and consequently their lives. Under performance in studies, at work, in relationships are just a part of it. […]


Post-traumatic stress disorder can wreck lives and stop people from achieving what they could and should achieve. It happens to soldiers returning from war zones after witnessing atrocities or first responders – police people and firemen, it can be caused by child abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse. It distracts people’s minds from their studies, […]

Limiting Beliefs – How Do They Effect Our Lives.

What makes some people greater than others?  What makes Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson achieve so much, despite their humble background? They both believe in themselves, no matter what their circumstances are. What are beliefs? They are ideas and concepts created in our imagination, and stored in the sub-conscious which influences 80% of our decisions. […]

Mental Health first Aid.

The first signs of mental and emotional problems and how to deal with them before they become too serious. Just like physiological ailments, mental ailments must not be neglected. If they are, they may become serious or even critical. 45% of the population of Australia suffer from mental disorder at some stage in their lives, […]

Emotional Intelligence – Intelligence Exists not only in the Brain!

When we talk about intelligence, we tend to think about the cognitive intelligence – the ability to learn new things, the ability to concentrate, focus and recall information, to apply knowledge, to solve problems, to think rationally and abstractly. The truth is that there are several types of intelligence. That is because we have more […]

Stress? Anxiety? Depression? There Is a Simple and Powerful Solution!

Did you know that 45% will experience a mental disorder in their lives? And the percentage keeps growing. Worse that that – more than a third of our young people have had an episode of mental illness before the age or 25. What are we waiting for?

Talking Therapy – Why Is It not Working?

Anyone who has been through counselling knows that therapy through talking takes long time and very often doesn’t work. The reason is that traumas, emotional issues are stored in our sub-conscience plus 80% of our decisions are made there.

Are your Moods Sabotaging your Life?

Sub-Personality Theory – How to control your Moods and Make Them Work for you. Our personality is formed around the age of seven. Every experience that comes before that becomes a sub-personality, and every similar experience that appears in our life after that is added to the relevant sub-personality. Sub-personalities appear in our life as […]

The Limbic System of the Brain – How does It Affect PTSD?

The Back on Track method works on the sub-conscience of those who suffer from PTSD, since the that is where our traumas are stored and 80% of our decisions are made. This small part of the brain, called the Limbic System, does not understand verbal communication. That is why the Back on Track system works […]