Post-traumatic stress disorder can wreck lives and stop people from achieving what they could and should achieve. It happens to soldiers returning from war zones after witnessing atrocities or first responders – police people and firemen, it can be caused by child abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse. It distracts people’s minds from their studies, from performing well in their work and social life, and in extreme cases it turns people into delinquents and even drive some people to suicide.

There are various symptoms that appear in people who have been through severe traumas. The most common ones are: Tendency to shut down, avoiding stimulation that may remind the trauma, over-reacting to anything that reminds the trauma, numbness, flight or fight reaction in some situations, insomnia and nightmares. In some extreme cases physiological issues may appear as heart rate, blood pressure, even incontinence of urine.

When I qualified as a life coach I chose to specialize in post-traumatic stress disorder since I myself had been through child abuse and bullying. I knew from personal experience how it can waste people’s lives when they cannot make the most of their potential and talents. I found out that most of life coaching trainers had experienced traumas in their lives, which drove them to dedicate themselves to life coaching in order to help others to make the most of their lives despite whatever traumas they had experienced in their past.

One of the techniques used by life coaches to eliminate post-traumatic stress disorder is neurolinguistics programming, which works on the connection between neurological processes, linguistics and behavioural patterns. It looks at the way we respond to various situations and like hypnotherapy, it is based very much on visualization rather than talking therapy, since the sub-conscience understands pictures better than verbal communication. Our sub-conscience is where traumas are stored and 80% of our decisions are made. When we change the picture in our sub-conscience, we change our response to it. That is why this method works without anti-depressants or endless sessions with psychiatrists and psychologists. This program, coupled with the sub-personality theory, can heal people who had been through treatments for years and achieve high rate of success.

I decided to adopt this method when I realized that it could help so many people who suffer from emotional problems, mainly soldiers returning from battlefields and finding it hard to get back to normal life after what they had experienced in war zones. Our main problem is that many people are not aware of their emotional problems, not always willing to admit them and don’t always realize that there is a gentle and powerful solution that can help them put past traumas behind them and live their life to the fullest. My mission is to make this method known to as many people as possible, so that I can help as many people as possible. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a client getting back on track to living a happy life.

I offer one free session and the treatment is charged on the results, not on the time spent in every sessions. To take advantage of this opportunity please contact Leah Zartz on 0402 590 963, email, or go to the “How to Get Started” section on website