Are your Moods Sabotaging your Life?

Sub-Personality Theory – How to control your Moods and Make Them Work for you.

Our personality is formed around the age of seven. Every experience that comes before that becomes a sub-personality, and every similar experience that appears in our life after that is added to the relevant sub-personality. Sub-personalities appear in our life as our moods and roles. There can be hundreds or thousands of them.

When a trauma in childhood occurs– child abuse or experiencing any other atrocities–the sub-personalities tend to detach themselves and become separate personalities. This is what is called Dissociate Identity Disorder (DID) or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). DID is sometimes confused with schizophrenia, which is not split personality. If a child is sexually abused, and the abuse is continuous and the trauma is repetitive, he/she tends to dissociate themself and look at the trauma as a spectator. When this happens, the person who suffers from this symptom needs counselling or therapy. Unlike schizophrenia, which is a combination of brain chemistry, genetics and environment and is incurable, DID can be cured. Unlike schizophrenia DID does not involve hallucinations, delusions or hearing voices. In both cases functional decline is experienced.

The good news is that the sub-personalities can be used for our advantage.

We can control our sub-personalities, and call them to be in our service if and when we need them. In that matter visualizationcan be very helpful. Our sub-conscience, where 80% of our decisions are made and all our memories, good and bad, are stored, doesn’t understand verbal communication, and does not differ between what we see in our mind’s eyes and what we see in our physical eyes. It communicates with pictures. If we remove the negative picture and replace it with a positive one, our response to the situation will be replaced by a positive one. That can be done even when we are asleep.

When we want to heal a sub-personality that has suffered a trauma, we call that sub-personality and counsel it through visualization, by changing the picture of the trauma in the mind and replace it with a positive one. Then we take that sub personality to a shower that we establish in our safe and secured place and wash it thoroughly with pure and sparkling spring water that contain no chemicals and are always available in our safe and secured place.