Talking Therapy – Why Is It not Working?

Anyone who has been through counselling knows that therapy through talking takes long time and very often doesn’t work. The reason is that traumas, emotional issues are stored in our sub-conscience plus 80% of our decisions are made there. The sub-conscience is located in the limbic system, at the centre of our brain. This important part of the brain stores information in the form of pictures, not language. For this reason in is not affected by verbal communication, but by visualization.

There is a common belief that all the information we receive – billions of bits of information every day – is received and processed by the brain in our heads. In fact, there are three minds in our body: in the head, in the heart and in the guts. Hence the expressions: My heart tells my head to believe… I have a gut feeling that this or that is going to happen… The reason is that there are more neurons in the gut and in the heart than in the brain. Neurons are nerve cells that receive information, process it and transmit it to other parts of the body. Our intuition is in the gut, our emotional intelligence in in the heart, and the logic and sensible intelligence is in the head.

When we communicate with other people the verbal communication is only a small percentage of what we communicate. There is the body language, the intonation, facial expressions, and these are absorbed by the neurons in the gut and in the heart and transmitted from there to our sub-conscience. For this reason the method called “Your Envisioned Mind” ( uses visualization rather than talking therapy. It exposes the picture of a trauma and the emotions connected with it. When we change the picture of an experience, we change the way we relate to it.