Get your life back on track & stay on the life path you enjoy

Back on Track Coaching

You want a better life but making changes on your own can be hard.  Those closest to you may not be equipped to give you the support you need.   Having the support of someone outside your day-to-day relationships can give you the freedom to explore new pathways to a fulfilling life and help keep you on track. Back on Track Coaching provides personalised life coaching which combines a wise and experienced understanding of life with skilled use of a range of life-changing techniques.

Where do we meet?

There is no going to sterile clinics or threatening consulting rooms with a Back on Track life coach.  Your coach will meet you wherever you feel most comfortable.  Typically it’s a relaxed coffee session at your favourite café.

Leah Zartz

Founder, Back on Track Coaching

Leah Zartz is the founder of Back on Track Coaching. She has lived in three different countries and experienced the highs and lows of relating to people from diverse cultural backgrounds and all walks of life.

Born in Israel, Leah graduated from university in Politics and History of the Middle East. She then moved to the UK working in sales and marketing, market research and customer service. After emigrating to Australia she qualified as a life coach specialising in helping young people get back on track and make the most of their potential.